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General ground maintenance services out of Norwich

Broadland Horticultural Services maintains both commercial and private grounds on any scale from a normal domestic garden to an entire holiday park and everything in between.

Whether you need a reliable contractor for grass cutting, turf laid in your garden, weeding and garden clearance services, tree and hedge planting, fences installed or any other horticultural services, call us at Broadland today.

Bedding plants and weed control in gardens across Norfolk

Broadland Horticultural Services supplies and plants thousands of bedding plants each year from:

  • Spring primulas for a splash of early colour
  • Summer zone geraniums
  • Winter pansies

Our garden design team will transform a really plain area of your garden into something interesting and inviting by planting up beds appropriately and by incorporating hanging baskets or planters.

Appropriate plants and watering system for your garden

We assess your garden and select plants that will perfectly complement the style and layout of your garden. With our expert knowledge in horticulture, we will endeavour to improve the condition of your soil as much as possible.

To have the perfect looking garden, we will install an automated watering system which requires little or no effort on your part.

Regular visits from our qualified garden staff ensures that the presentation of your grounds is the best on all year round.

Weed control

We have a wide range of equipment to undertake all aspects of spraying from:

  • Nap sack
  • Single nozzle
  • 6m boomed machines

We spray anything from:

  • Kerb edges
  • Hard landscaped areas on retail parks and holiday sites
  • Agricultural meadows used for grazing
  • Horse paddocks
  • General lawn areas
  • Bowling greens
  • Orchards

The machinery we use allows us to adjust the water rate for different applications and different times of the year.

Turf Laying - Norwich, Norfolk - Broadland Horticultural Services - Lawn mower

We have a vast knowledge of all bedding plants and where in your garden they are most suited to flourish. We will assist you to control and eliminate those pesky weeds from beds, paving, and lawns.

If you have any queries regarding bedding plants or weed control spraying please contact me by email or phone me on 01493 858 866


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