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Complete grass and turfing solution throughout Norfolk

Broadland Horticultural Services offers expert advice in all aspects of grass cutting, seeding and turfing, and maintenance of formal grass areas.

We have specialist equipment and trained staff to carry out all elements of grass or turf cultivation and safeguarding. These include rotary deck tractors, front deck machines, and cylinder triple mowers.

Call us for a competitive quote whether you need garden turf professionally laid, have grass that needs cutting, fencing installed or hedges planted and maintained.

Fast, affordable grass cutting service

We cut grass in public areas all over East Anglia - from playing fields, parks and village greens to churchyards and roadside banks.

Grass areas in public places usually requires fortnightly cutting between March and October - call us and we'll keep your grass areas looking their best.

Regular grass maintenance in formal grass areas

Formal grass areas require mowing every 7 – 14 days during certain seasons. We strim and edge on every cut with well maintained machines that deliver a sharp crisp look and high standard finish.

When we take on a garden maintenance schedule with you, all of your formal grass areas are kept to a very high standard.

We do regular weed spraying and fertilization to ensure the grassed areas look their best throughout the year, while leaves are cleared from the lawns during the autumn and winter.

Seeding and turfing - fine lawn or hard wearing grass

Whether you want a fine lawn or hard wearing grass area for the kids to play on, we have the seed mix or turf grade to suit the application.

For an instant lawn, we will lay quality turf, available in different grades. But if you are not in a rush, seeding is a good and cost effective way to achieve a new lawn.

We use a very wide range of grass mixtures whether its a fine grade lawn or a grazing paddock for the horse we have the knowledge to recommend the best blend of seed for the job.

We also do wild flower seed mixes as well as bee and butterfly blends of seeds, so please ask for more information for your particular needs.

If your require any further information on grass or turf maintenance and cutting, please do not hesitate to phone me on 01493 858 866


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