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Agricultural contracting

We undertake all types of agricultural fencing from stock fence to barbed wire, rabbit fencing to post and rail.

We also undertake spraying work with quad bikes and small sprayers up to 6 meters in width, ideal for small or uneven meadows to control any grassland weeds such as nettles, thistles, docks and rag wort. we are able to undertake field hedge trimming work with tractors and flail arms to tackle any size of hedge.

Planters complete with bedding ready to go from Norwich

We manufacture our own planters in any required size to suit any home or garden.

Our trough planters will look stylish on your patio or balcony, while our contemporary planters will add a refined yet natural look to your garden.

Using appropriate planting for the season, we supply the planters complete with bedding ready to go.

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Outdoor planters and indoor
plant pots

In addition to our extensive range of outdoor planters, we can also provide a variety of indoor plant pots and window boxes.

Our expert horticulturist team will advise you on where to place the planters and which plants to use get the most of the application.

We supply automatic watering systems to minimise the maintenance required by you or your staff and to ensure the planters look their best all year round.

Our vibrant planters planted with colourful flowers will brighten up any room or office and come in sizes to suit any taste.

For more information on planters you can phone me to discuss your individual requirements on 01493 858 866


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