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Tree planting and tree surgery
across Norfolk

If you require a single tree or wish to plant an entire woodland we can cater for your needs.

We usually plant 1 year old saplings. These young trees are protected by 1.2m grills to draw the trees up and to protect them from vermin.

For an instant effect, we can supply and plant 3 to 4 meter high container-grown trees.

We specialise in precision tree felling

If you need a tree removing that is awkwardly located and hard to access, call us. Our team will take the tree down piece by piece.

We deal with all tree stumps. We can prevent re-growth, grind the stump down, or totally remove the tree stump by digging it out.

All brush wood is chipped and removed from site unless it is requested to be left for bed mulching.

Garden Design - Norwich, Norfolk - Broadland Horticultural Services - Tree Felling

We undertake any type of tree work:

  • Tree felling
  • Tree crowning
  • Tree density reducing
  • Removing dead wood from the tree

While we remove all tree debris from your site, if requested, we can cut up larger pieces of tree for you to use for firewood.

If you require any further information on tree surgery please contact us by e-mail or phone on 01493 858 866


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